Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do you Regret for Marrying the Wrong Person?

We all have met a lot of people in our lives who regret for being unable to marry the right person or just for being with a wrong person. So, who is wrong and who is right? Before answering this question, let me ask if any of us regret for getting wrong parents, siblings or children. May be very few who feel side about these relations. There’s a big reason behind this. We don’t have a choice to choose parents, siblings or even our children.

It has been revealed that a large number of couples these days feel all the charm sucked out of their marital bliss after the initial phase. And, then the thought comes, may be they have married the wrong person.
Yes, a person is certainly with a wrong partner if he or she is suffering from any kind of abuse or chronic infidelity. However, being unable to cope up with the new events in one’s married life can’t be pointed out to the partner. For this, we somewhere ourselves are responsible.

The success of a marriage doesn't lie in marrying the right person, but in adopting the right attitude and showing sincere interest in making one’s marital bond last forever. It is never too late to make the right effort and rekindle the charms of your relationship.

In marriage, we always have a lot of choice to choose from. Even after 25 years of the marriage, people keep wondering if they had selected the right person or they could have selected someone better. The truth is that it all lies inside us and our capability to handle the situation in the right manner. If you are waiting for an answer asked in the beginning of this write up, then I believe that it only lies in our right attitude. So, we need to just think that all are married to the right person, the need is only to use the right attitude towards that person and things will automatically fall into place.