Thursday, June 28, 2012

Get Wrinkle Free Forehead Without Botox or Forehead Lift

It gives some natural tips to get rid of wrinkles without going under the scissors.
There are various treatments available in the cosmetic market for removing forehead wrinkles and the most popular among them are botox and forehead lift surgery. Though these treatments give an instant lift to the personality of the person but, have various side effects attached to them. Apart from this, these treatments are never ever lasting as the formation of wrinkles keeps increasing with the growing age.
The best solution for such problems is the home remedies or the natural solutions as they solve the problem without any side effects and always have a lasting impact on the personality.
Apply Mixture of Vodka, Fennel Seeds and Honey
One of the best and proved treatments for wrinkled forehead is the application of a mixture of vodka, fennel seeds and honey on the affected areas or all over the face on a regular basis. For preparing this mixture, you need to mix two tablespoons vodka; a tablespoon fennel seeds and 2 teaspoons honey in a bowl and then leave it for three days. After that, you should strain the mixture and use it as a toner on the face.
Massage with Pure Castor Oil
You can massage the skin with pure castor oil to prevent wrinkles. The softening property of castor keeps the skin supple and hydrated and reduces the formation of wrinkles to a great extent.

Avoid Stepping Out in Mid Day Sun
If you want your forehead to be wrinkle free, you should always avoid stepping out in the mid day as the ultraviolet rays of the sun cause premature wrinkles.

Wash and moisturize face before going to bed
One should never forget to wash face before going to bed every night. Application of a moisturizing cream regularly on the washed face helps in reducing wrinkles and other aging marks very effectively.

Apply Juice of Green Pineapples and Apples
Regular application of the juice of green pineapples and apples on the face not only gives a clear skin but also helps in getting rid of various lines and wrinkles. It is considered to be one of the simplest and most effective home remedies for replenishing wrinkles.

For those who keep the cost effectiveness of the solution at the top, they can massage their face with any cream in the upward direction. It makes the skin firm and helps in the prevention of wrinkles. This remedy is more effective if tried during night as skin gets enough time to absorb the cream when the person sleeps.
Take a Balanced Diet
A proper balanced diet always helps in keeping the skin hydrated and thus away from wrinkles. Dieticians recommend zinc and calcium rich food to get rid of wrinkles on the face and especially on the forehead.

Apply Blended Cucumber
Cucumber also helps a lot in getting rid of wrinkles. For a proper use, one needs to blend some cucumbers and apply the residue left on the face after putting it through a sieve.
Try Facial Exercises
Apart from all this natural remedies, facial exercises are also a good option to slow the progression of forehead wrinkles without taking help of any cosmetic procedure.
So, these are some of the best and simplest natural ways to get rid of wrinkles or slow the process of aging without injecting botox or going under the scissors for forehead uplifting.