Friday, June 29, 2012

Her Fault Lies in Being a Woman

Why is always a woman blamed? Why is the respect and culture of a society always associated with women? Where does the responsibility of a man lie? This refers to the recent article published in newspaper in support of Pandher which demanded for the punishment of girls whom he used to bring in order to punish him who committed the heinous crime of not only killing the innocent children but also cutting them into pieces and thereafter throwing it in drains to hide his inhuman deeds. Pandher is also charged with the rape and murder of not one but many girls whom he used to bring to fulfill his voyeur desires. It's really horrible to even think of such people who commit such crimes and more frightening are those who stand in support of them. The same argument was also written in favour of his servant koli who used to rape the dead bodies and also eat them. The article tried to defend the monster in form of human by saying that he should not be punished as he didn't commit the crime intentionally but because of his disorder.

Shame on those who extend hands of support to such people who are in fact not only the killers of innocent people but also the culture, civilization and even the basic ethics of a society. We all take immense interest whenever we hear something related to the story of Fiza and Chand Mohammad and most of us end up with the famous sentence ' Man can go away with this but how shameless was the woman dared to do such an act'. Fiza's life, dignity and respect is tainted forever without denying the fact that Chand is also spotted but Fiza is only forced to suffer and will bear the pointing fingers throughout the life. Chand Mohammad went back to his previous wife and can lead the life normally after the whole episode. Yes, definitely the question arises that Fiza can also folloow the same but if practically applied it never happens in our society. The woman is blotted forever and a man is left for being a man.
Don't dare to take for granted the biological weakness of woman in which God also did the partiality but respect her for her immense emotional strength which holds the mother earth.
If a woman can give birth to a man then she also knows how to take hold of that man and show him the right place. man and woman are the two wheels of our society and it won't be able to run smoothly if any one of the wheels is tried to be crushed in anyway. And always remember the proven truth "Only that society flourishes in which women are respected". A woman shouldn't always be blamed as a man is equally responsible for maintaining the digmity of a society and his indecent acts can affect it badly.