Monday, February 18, 2013

Look Thinner Instantly

Everyone wants to look slim, but not everybody finds it easy to sweat in the gym and cut the diet. Apart from this, even if you are able to sacrifice everything, losing weight and becoming thinner is a time taking process.


Here are some tips which can help you look thinner in a fraction of seconds:

1. Take a Big Purse- A big purse hides those extra fats to a large extent and makes you look slimmer.

2. Wear a Long Top- It Covers the areas which expose your heavy weight to the largest extent. So, a stylish      long top can prove to be very helpful.

3. Stand Straight- Walking straight with confidence forces the people to ignore your weight and look at the whole personality.

4. Choose to wear a Dress with Vertical Lines- A dress with straight lines makes you look longer as well as thinner.

5. Opt for a High Pony Tail Hair do- With a high pony tail, your height is enhanced and your body also looks thinner.