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Monday, January 4, 2016

Viral on Paris, Silence on Pathankot! Why?

Remember when there was an attack on Paris, the whole world had gone viral however; when there is an attack on our nation, countries seem to maintain silence. Pathankot needs as much attention as Paris did... I'm surprised why people world over aren't changing their display pictures to the flag of our nation and hash tagging posts with "PrayForPathankot". Or important structures and buildings being lit up in the colours of our national flag. Yes, I am saying this because it was done when there was an attack on Paris, an European city.

Maybe because people in India aren't white enough or perhaps Pathankot doesn't sound as internationally aware and fashionable as Paris does. It is not just my view, but must be certainly the view of many of those nations as well as a section of people from us who had raised hue and cry on it.

Someone's son and someone's husband has left them forever saving us for no fault of theirs, and instead of paying attention to that, we are still foolishly doing the free basics bullshit. Ah! actually, we have got so used to ignoring the real reason why we live in the safety and comfort of our homes. We are habituated of listening to the martyrs in Kashmir so often that our hearts have stopped melting for those who leave the world and their loved ones to make our lives secure.

"We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." - Orwell

Don't be an elitist hypocrite!!! The lives lost in Pathankot were as precious as lives lost in any other terrorist attack. Stand up, speak out and condemn the terror attack. Stand united as humanity, not fragmented groups of people divided by race, religion or borders.

Humanity is the only religion we need. We are all humans. People of the world, wake up! Death doesn't discriminate between whites and blacks, don't forget that!

We are tolerant, but don't check our tolerance to the level that we forget the brotherhood which we always tried to establish with people of the whole world.