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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Think Twice Before You Commit Suicide

There can be thousands of reasons which a person can give for committing suicide. And the traumatic situation through which a person undergoes can't ever be understood by the other person. People visit psychologists for consultancies. And then also the mind remains contemplating on the aspects of suicide. Can you think of the mother of all the reasons which forces a person to commit suicide? Yes, and that's also a common human tendency. Every human being wants to have an easy solution for every depressing situation and if he remains unable to get rid of the situation, he tries to get rid of his life.

If we think of the simple reasons for not committing suicide then the simplest is that it's a crime. And becoming a little mythological, we can say that life is beautiful and given by god only once. But, do these reasons stop a person from committing suicide? No. why? Because neither life seems beautiful to him nor it seems as a gift by the almighty.

But, there exists a practical and logical reason which should be given to all such thinkers in order to refrain them from taking their lives. A simple question. Have you seen life after death? What will you do if it comes out to be more disastrous than this one? Will you be able to come back in this life? You are at least aware about this life, its people and your situations but there are no clues about the cold cave in which you dare to enter.

If this logical reason doesn't satisfy you, then do an experiment. Live with an old man above 60 for some days. You will realize that he always tries to get up early in the morning and sleep early at night.

There is a reason behind it. By this time he has understood the importance of life either good or bad. Slowly and gradually he becomes aware of the passing time and his approaching death which will separate him from this beautiful life. That's why he tries to live every day as complete as possible. So, this is my request to all those people who think of committing suicide to think twice preparing yourself to mix the beautiful body in the dust on which you walk. Suicide presents only our cowardice and inability to face the tests of the almighty and completion of it facing all the troubles successfully makes you a human being in true sense.