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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Floods in Deserts: Miracle or Disaster?

It discusses the adverse affect of global warming on the environmental conditions.

Floods in deserts and melting glaciers! This is a strong indication of global climatic change which is not sudden. Human activities have just made it more prominent. 

Global warming is being caused by the green house effect which is trapping of the sun’s heat in the atmosphere by gases like CO2. Its effects are adverse. This has led to more frequent natural calamities, weather changes and increase in diseases. It is also affecting agriculture with early monsoons in India. Himalayan glaciers and arctic sea ice are melting. Soon one could go to the North Pole in a boat. The world needs to rethink of harmful effect on the environment.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Burger Menace in America

Can anyone believe this? The eating habits of America contribute more to global warming than the entire transportation sector. It seems very surprising though it's very true. 
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization have stated that 18 percent of greenhouse gases are coming from animal agriculture market and dairy used in making burgers. 

The human condition is in great peril and this is considered to be the most critical situation for America when it is requested to move away from the standard American diet and embrace an earth friendly, plant based diet. Not only this, if people adopt vegan burgers in their diet instead of non-vegan, it would also help in curtailing further deforestation, top soil erosion and even the ever- worsening tainting of the world's waters. Also, high cholesterol and heart diseases, hypertension, obesity, adult onset diabetes, kidney diseases and many cancers would virtually disappear. But, the great news is that people don't have to give up eating burgers, they just have to make them from plant based ingredients. Veggie burgers have the taste, smell and texture of the traditional burger, but without the harmful ramifications.