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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Deadly Drink

The whole world has become crazy for soft drinks. Being ready made and easily available in the market, soft drinks are favorites of everyone in our society whether young or old. And the attractive advertisements on television every minute has helped a lot in enhancing its rate of consumption. But, how hazardous it can be has never drawn anyone's attention. We are concerned about air and water pollution which kill us slowly, but what about that poisonous substance which hits us directly.
Intake of soft drinks leads to lower calcium levels and higher phosphate levels in the blood. And when phosphate levels are high and calcium levels are low, calcium is pulled out of the bones. The phosphate content of soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi is very high, and they contain virtually no calcium.

It poses a greater risk factor for children who can suffer from impaired calcification of growing bones. According to a research, increased soft drink consumption is a major factor that contributes to osteoporosis which is caused by low calcium and high phosphorus intake, high acid ash diet, high salt intake and mineral deficiencies.

A recent research has linked soft drinks to childhood obesity. It has also ranked the United States first among the countries with soft drink consumption. It also says that one extra soft drink a day gives a child a 60 percent greater chance of becoming obese. Not only children but for anyone over age 40, soft drinks can be especially hazardous because the kidneys are less able to excrete excess phosphorus, causing depletion of vital calcium. Heavy soft drink consumption can even interfere with body's metabolism of iron and diminish nerve impulse transmission.