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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who Can Fill This Gap?

The other day I felt overwhelmed for Mr. Mukesh Ambani whose palatial house in Mumbai ranked that street as the one of the most expensive streets of the world. But, this happiness couldn't persist when I saw the next day newspaper heading declaring 1/3rd of the Indian population among the poorest ones in the world. Tell me, how would you have felt if had been in my place? Being a middle class person, if on one side the sky scraping buildings astonish me then on the other side the straw huts and the burning bellies of my nation seem to diminish my pride.

The gap is really very wide and it becomes tough to fill the space when the two lines become so distant that they become invisible for each other. For the poor, the rich class belongs to some other planet and for the rich; the poor people don't even exist. Why does that happen? Because when the surface cracks, no one cares to look at the depth of the gap but prepares for the safety on the side one is parted with. And from there only the differences arise and the gap widens. A day comes when a person stops thinking about such issues or even recognize their existence in the society. And from there onward s  the rich forever becomes the blessed and the poor named as the cursed.

Is there any resolution for this? If democracy can't cover this gap then what other solution can be looked for. And, the foremost question is whether in this super technological, modernized and educated world, there remains the need for a system to bring such issues to an end. Yes, the major problem lies here. No one is concerned about these and has started taking it for granted. Think once if such thought ever came in your mind. If the sufferers, the bearers of such society are themselves not concerned then what a system of some selected people can do.

Such issues can only be resolved if every person actually starts thinking about it. Before giving a penny to a beggar a person should first think of the reason for his begging hands. And before celebrating the big birthday parties, a person should think of donating if possible at least 1% of the amount which can fill many starving stomachs. Believe me, the day we all start thinking in this direction instead of blaming the system, the gap will automatically be filled.