Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nude is Modern, Would you Like to be One?

In general, what does a sports person require to win? Yes, the strength and the perfection in his or her field. But, now a days winning has not only remained limited to a gold medal for most of the sports personalities. Most of the prominent personalities have even posed nude for the front covers of the popular magazines. The craze for popularity has lead many to shed off their clothes. If we think specifically about the requirement of sports, it may include stylish sportswear for the satisfaction of the fashionable world but becoming nude doesn't earn respect for anyone. Is winning a gold medal not enough for popularity?
Slowly and gradually, the sports have also taken the path of television actors and actresses. And now sports are also connected to sex appeal. It has now days been seen as an easy source to accumulate wealth. But, what will be its consequences on the general population? If models start behaving like this then what will the crowd follow. TV actors are for entertainment but sports are related to our national sentiment. Till now, we had been blaming the idiot box for spreading immorality and now the sports also seem to join its hands.
I know, many friends reading this article may think in the opposite direction as for them, these things can be enjoyed for the time being and left there only, but the day will not remain far when the same things would accumulate and make our own thoughts alike. And the real problem lies in their stardom who can proceed with that lifestyle, but we being general people suffer frustration and dissatisfaction making our lives hell while trying to follow the same route.Every other day an animal activist poses nude revealing her love for animals. What does it show? I ask them, does love for animals ask us to become animals ourselves? For what is this advancement if we still want to run nude like the stone age man. Our ancestors didn't have clothes to wear but what about the modern age man. What does he lack? Will it be wrong in any way if I answer this question in one word as morality?
Being modern and thus frank and open with everything is acceptable, but selling the moral values and privacy in the open market as well as in the open field should never be accepted at least from the people who represent us. In the modern world, nudity is present everywhere so, it seems nowhere. But, now is the need to open our eyes and raise our voice against such moral activities. A person has the right to flaunt his or her beauty till the time it doesn't shame others and defame the whole human community.