Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to Deepen our Relationships

It deals with the affect a relationship has on a human mind and the way it engropes the whole world in it.

If we go deep and dive into this world created by the almighty, then we would find the same depth in the relation shared among all the creatures. Yes, all the living beings are related to each other, but we remain unable to bring them in the same ship. and this closeness which remains void till now is called the relationship. If a wife talks about her husband or a father talks about his daughter, it’s the bond of relationship which expresses the attachment through their words. it’s the only ship for which we can sacrifice even our own happiness. But the fact lies down, the happiness of our relatives provides us the bliss which is incomparable. Once we come out of the closet of family relationships, we would find that whole world is like our own family. And if every human could ever imagine the shower of joy one receives if people start treating each other in the similar manner. And the day won’t be far when people will find heavenly bliss on this earth.
And this is the factor which can make the goal of globalization very simpler for us. It starts from one’s own neighbors and goes up to the level of the whole world. once we start feeling for our neighbors the whole society indulges in that. And in the same way once we begin considering all the individuals of our nation as our own blood the whole world takes the form of a village where everyone cares for each other.

The dream of complete globalisation solely depends on the relationships which we share with others. And at last, it proves that as deep the relation goes , deeper the intensity becomes and comes out of that the dream of true relationship which can be proved by the achievement of complete globalisation.So let’s bring the whole world together on a single platform, understand 

each other closely and then celebrate the bliss of relationship.