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Monday, January 4, 2016

Bajirao Mastani- An Insult to Women and Hindu Dynasty

The movie released with a bang with children, youth and old people going gaga over the great production and awesome story line. I kept waiting till one of my colleagues requested me to go and watch the movie as ignoring it would be a great miss for me. I considered it.

I saw the movie, a grand beginning which made it look like a historical epic. The stage was exotic, story line seemed to be set in the beginning with Bajirao’s strength and intelligence to be the main plot.

The story moved and the great strength and intelligence is shown dominated by such a power of love which he didn’t even owe. All right, I completely agree that love can make anyone lose his or her senses, but this was not just anyone, but the great historic Hindu king, Bajirao Ballhad.

The acting by all the characters were superb, but somehow I found the fall of Bajirao as an insult to such a great king who is shown to have become completely blind for a girl who came to his kingdom on his own, forced him to get married to her, made him lose his wife and friend, Kashibai, his son, his mother, his brother and the trust of his own people.

No, don’t take me wrong, I am not against Mastani because she was a Muslim, I hated her as she just did the role of a villain and destroyed the great king and his loved ones. However, I hated the plot at this point as Bajirao could never be so irresponsible that he wouldn’t even think twice about that wife who worshiped him every time.

Remember the scene where she says with tears in her eyes that he had forgotten his ways to his own room and the moment she takes a promise from him to not visit her again, he goes out of the room without any repentance.

Where is the realization? Mastani is epitomized, but who is the real sufferer? It’s only Kasibai. At one instance, Mastani says that Bajrao loves Kashi as much as he loves her. Great sense of humour! It’s such a satire for a wife which would tear her heart apart. And such dialogues of the movie are considered to approve the love of Bajirao for Mastani. He is right as he has not divorced Kashibai or left her forever. Does Mastani mean to say so? It sounds so funny. Isn’t just the existence of another woman in Kashibai’s husband’s life an end of her marital happiness?

NanaSahab, the son of Kashi bai and Bajirao who is shown as the villain never seems to be wrong. How can he digest the existence of a woman who destroyed not only her mother’s marital bliss , but the entire kingdom.

If Mastani was so blindly in love with Bajirao, why didn’t she live on his name for the whole life instead of forcing him to marry her? She knew he was married and it would ruin his wife’s life, but still she took help of her emotional drama to win over the man’s intelligence and strength.

If the history is to be changed, it shouldn’t be changed so much that the intelligence and power of a king goes under the feet of a woman who actually shares no relation. Apart from being a slap on the strength and discretion of our Hindu dynasty, it’s also a joke on the place of women where anytime a woman can be left for another woman. In the whole movie, if anyone was immortalized, that was Kashibai, who not faced the worst circumstance of her life not only courageously, but also selflessly showing the true spirit of an Indian woman and especially a king’s wife and her responsibilities.