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Monday, January 4, 2016

Bajirao Mastani- An Insult to Women and Hindu Dynasty

The movie released with a bang with children, youth and old people going gaga over the great production and awesome story line. I kept waiting till one of my colleagues requested me to go and watch the movie as ignoring it would be a great miss for me. I considered it.

I saw the movie, a grand beginning which made it look like a historical epic. The stage was exotic, story line seemed to be set in the beginning with Bajirao’s strength and intelligence to be the main plot.

The story moved and the great strength and intelligence is shown dominated by such a power of love which he didn’t even owe. All right, I completely agree that love can make anyone lose his or her senses, but this was not just anyone, but the great historic Hindu king, Bajirao Ballhad.

The acting by all the characters were superb, but somehow I found the fall of Bajirao as an insult to such a great king who is shown to have become completely blind for a girl who came to his kingdom on his own, forced him to get married to her, made him lose his wife and friend, Kashibai, his son, his mother, his brother and the trust of his own people.

No, don’t take me wrong, I am not against Mastani because she was a Muslim, I hated her as she just did the role of a villain and destroyed the great king and his loved ones. However, I hated the plot at this point as Bajirao could never be so irresponsible that he wouldn’t even think twice about that wife who worshiped him every time.

Remember the scene where she says with tears in her eyes that he had forgotten his ways to his own room and the moment she takes a promise from him to not visit her again, he goes out of the room without any repentance.

Where is the realization? Mastani is epitomized, but who is the real sufferer? It’s only Kasibai. At one instance, Mastani says that Bajrao loves Kashi as much as he loves her. Great sense of humour! It’s such a satire for a wife which would tear her heart apart. And such dialogues of the movie are considered to approve the love of Bajirao for Mastani. He is right as he has not divorced Kashibai or left her forever. Does Mastani mean to say so? It sounds so funny. Isn’t just the existence of another woman in Kashibai’s husband’s life an end of her marital happiness?

NanaSahab, the son of Kashi bai and Bajirao who is shown as the villain never seems to be wrong. How can he digest the existence of a woman who destroyed not only her mother’s marital bliss , but the entire kingdom.

If Mastani was so blindly in love with Bajirao, why didn’t she live on his name for the whole life instead of forcing him to marry her? She knew he was married and it would ruin his wife’s life, but still she took help of her emotional drama to win over the man’s intelligence and strength.

If the history is to be changed, it shouldn’t be changed so much that the intelligence and power of a king goes under the feet of a woman who actually shares no relation. Apart from being a slap on the strength and discretion of our Hindu dynasty, it’s also a joke on the place of women where anytime a woman can be left for another woman. In the whole movie, if anyone was immortalized, that was Kashibai, who not faced the worst circumstance of her life not only courageously, but also selflessly showing the true spirit of an Indian woman and especially a king’s wife and her responsibilities.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reasons for Rise in Divorce Cases

The rate of divorce has seen a steep rise in the past one decade. Now, it’s not limited to any specific class of the society as it was categorized before. Not only the ultra rich but, middle class couples are also suffering because of this.

Till the past few years, its shooting number was noticed in mainly the European nations but, now Asian and African nations have also joined the league. As per a recent survey, the highest number of divorced women lives in southern region of India.

Increased Pressure on Couples

The major reason for divorce is the increased pressure on the couples. It’s mostly seen in households where both the partners are working. Due to lucrative salaries offered by private companies, people become a part of it and most of the times end up burying their family lives under the burden of meeting targets.

No Time for Sex

The life for working couples becomes so busy that they hardly get any time for each other. By the end of the day, both get so tired that they lose interest in love making or spending some quality time with each other. Men feel frustrated as women don’t agree for sex and women feel tortured as they can’t even think of it after a tiresome job. So, both prove unsuccessful in respecting each other’s feelings and remain incapable in 

Handling Responsibilities.

Even some legal courts have also declared that the relationship of a husband and wife becomes estranged in case they don’t give enough time to each other. For maintaining the strength of the bond, it’s necessary to be with each other and understand as well as respect each other’s needs.

Lack of Time for Own Child

The burden on working couples is doubled if they have any child. With the taking over of nuclear families by joint families, the child has to be left in the hands of an ayah which involves a lot of risk. Apart from the risk factor, a kind of guilt also remains in the parents as they can’t squeeze out enough time for their child. This leads to increase in the frustration level.

Maladjustment Problems

Most of the divorces happen due to maladjustment problems between the couples. Generally, men want to get all the household chores done by women and women demand for help from men as both work and both get tired as well.

The need of the day is to make both the partners understand each other’s feelings. The time is to shed the patriarchal fever and live in the reality. Now, time has changed and there is no difference between a son and a daughter. Parents spend the same amount of money on their girls which they spend on their boys. So, from the beginning only if both the sexes are given equal importance, how can they accept a biased treatment after entering into the bond of marriage?

Lack of Tolerance

Apart from this, there is also lack of tolerance in the modern generation which converts a little spark into destructive fire bringing the relationship to an end. For this, the virtue of patience should be taught from the beginning itself as it can’t be inculcated in just a few years.

Solution- Set Priorities Beforehand

Not only one but, both are equally responsible in a marriage for making or breaking a relationship. So, the priorities of life should be set beforehand as the success and failures are all the outcomes of our own skills.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To What Extent Can She Fight?

It discusses the views of the extreme feminists which ultimately bring loss on the part of woman as the boundaries set by the almighty can never be crossed. 
From the arrival of feminism to the rising of extreme feminism, we have seen everything being done for women empowerment and spoken in woman's favour but always there comes a limit crossing which she herself remains bound to suffer. The limit is neither set by herself nor by her male counterpart but by the creator himself. She can achieve medals in physical, mental and emotional competitions with men but biologically she remains a weak creature who is forced to submit for something which is inherent. I am a feminist though not an extreme one. I need to add this for sure as there are some extreme feminists who fight against a woman giving birth to a child. There are some universal facts which can't ever be denied and if ever tried to be fought against , the loss will be always on the side of women class. An eye for an eye doesn't fit in a woman's case for which she remains frustrated without any resolutions. A woman can't take revenge from a rapist by raping him as ultimately she would be the loser.

 Much debate occured about the pub culture and women raised their voice against it. But, a question arises, was the ban on woman visiting pubs solely for their suppression? Was there not a single good thought attached to it? Modelling, acting, beauty pageants, India celebrates beauty in every way; so can't it once try to stop their beauties from visiting pubs which can ruin their delicacy? If a man gets heavily drunk, he can even lay on the roadside and spend his night but can we think in the same way for a woman? She may remain alive by the next day but her life would have changed forever. If modesty and chastity doesn't matter for a woman then also the guilt which follows after will run like a shadow after her.
The impact on her life would be formed more by the reaction of the society than her own actions. Most of you would blame the society then give me the name of a single society where a woman is safe to lay down like a man. Whom to blame? Is it the society? No. Is it the man? No. Is it the woman? No. So, can we blame the almighty who made us delicate? It is the responsibilty of every citizen and a nation's law to provide special protection to women and respect the fair class but the responsibity of others also deserves a filtered understanding from our side so that we don't keep trying in vain to make the sun rise from the west though it would never happen.
It's the time for the crime against women not to be tried in courts but in public places so others see and don't ever dare in their imaginations to commit such acts. But, it is also our social responsibilty to make each others aware of our own safety measures. From lower class to the upper strata, from the fair to the black, from the well clad to the semi nude, each category of woman can become the victim because of being a woman so we should try our best to avoid giving chances and take risk on ourselves.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love And Sex, Are These Related?

Are you sexually exploited on a daily basis? You can’t deny as he has the right to sex according to the marital bond and even if you have the right to deny, how much are you able to actually use that? It’s such an irony that sexual fulfillment from both the sides does not assure of a happy married life. Heard by many and also experienced by some, most people believe in this and get confused when the circumstances faced are entirely different. So, is it right to say that a happy sex life signifies a happy married life?  A woman bows down in front of the urges of the man as he can promise for anything to get his desire fulfilled but the behavior in the later part of the day forces her to hate herself and tries to find the reason for her permission everyday.

 A woman is emotionally weaker and tries to find the love in  the physical relation with her man; however, she fails to distinguish the act of mere satisfaction from that of real love. Yes, it is very hard to know the difference but if pondered over a little, it is an easy task. Does he always show the same doting behavior or he displays a drastic change in his behavior in general? After getting the answer, and if is a big yes then we are left with nothing but a bitter feeling of helplessness. This is not a case of being educated or not, but a need to strengthen our emotional stature which becomes the weakness of a woman. The depiction of false love for the fulfillment of one’s desires is also a kind of exploitation. It not only exploits us but the realization of the truth also tortures us. It’s better to understand the truth of your love today rather than going under the knife everyday.