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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Essence of Literature

With the increased pressure in our lives, hope we are not forgetting the importance of literature. In fact, this is the right time to acknowledge the literary value and divulge in that. What is literature? It is the expression of the truth and beauty of this world which we remain unnoticed by us. 

How do we judge a literary work? In other words, we can call this the qualities of literature. The very first quality of literature is its artistic beauty, the beauty which takes us to a different imaginative world away from the worldly worries and gives a peaceful and serene environment. The second is the suggestiveness or the long trail of thoughts expressed through a single sentence. 

How can we forget the famous line of the Greek tragedy which reveals the entire tragedy hidden in the ecstatic beauty in a single sentence ‘Was this the face that launched a thousand ships?’ The third quality of literature is its permanence. It is not limited to any nation or even a continent but it crosses all the boundaries and includes the entire human race, in the same way it is not limited to any age but lives across all the ages and enlightens everyone.

The time is to remind these qualities of literature and produce the literature of the true sense. If literature is the presentation of our lives, then let’s focus a little more on the quality of literature. Writing for the sake of writing cannot even touch the essence of literature, for that, we need to dive deep in to the world and come out with the golden shining words which can enlighten everyone.