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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Essence of Literature

With the increased pressure in our lives, hope we are not forgetting the importance of literature. In fact, this is the right time to acknowledge the literary value and divulge in that. What is literature? It is the expression of the truth and beauty of this world which we remain unnoticed by us. 

How do we judge a literary work? In other words, we can call this the qualities of literature. The very first quality of literature is its artistic beauty, the beauty which takes us to a different imaginative world away from the worldly worries and gives a peaceful and serene environment. The second is the suggestiveness or the long trail of thoughts expressed through a single sentence. 

How can we forget the famous line of the Greek tragedy which reveals the entire tragedy hidden in the ecstatic beauty in a single sentence ‘Was this the face that launched a thousand ships?’ The third quality of literature is its permanence. It is not limited to any nation or even a continent but it crosses all the boundaries and includes the entire human race, in the same way it is not limited to any age but lives across all the ages and enlightens everyone.

The time is to remind these qualities of literature and produce the literature of the true sense. If literature is the presentation of our lives, then let’s focus a little more on the quality of literature. Writing for the sake of writing cannot even touch the essence of literature, for that, we need to dive deep in to the world and come out with the golden shining words which can enlighten everyone.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Changing trends- Changing relations

It focuses on the impact of relations shared among the present day generation due to the changed lifestyle.

The bond of marriage has not remained as strong as it used to be. The strings of the bond scatter very soon as the thought of its permanence are no longer persistent. The rate of divorce may differ in various nations, but the increasing rate is highlighted everywhere. The main cause for the weakened condition of this institution is our changed life style and the obsession with self rather than thinking about anyone else. It leads to other reasons such as lack of time, increasing pressure, career oriented goals and the motive to earn more and more.

As fire can only be extinguished with the help of water in the same way one person is needed to listen to the other when needed. This is the point where we lack. Due to the increasing work pressure, we can’t tolerate even the simple things as the stress and the self factor overpowers us. It’s good that we are financially more stable than we used to be, but if it takes us apart then the negative factor is ruling here. May be we don’t need our spouse for the economic stability, but the emotional hollowness always follows. We can go ahead and marry the other, but the gap continues till we mend ourselves.

The other cause for the fall of this institution is the loss of its need itself. We are no longer living in a world where sex before marriage is considered a taboo and living with a man without legal papers is a crime. Today, the fear of restriction stops us from being a part of marriage as we try to enjoy all the priorities without prioritizing the actual relation. Sometimes, it’s also the result of being suffered once and the case of not taking the chance second time.

It’s not that you continue with a rotten relation just to keep its name, but it’s also not logical to run away from a bond for the fear to be found rotten. With a changed society, the changed meanings of relations have become acceptable, the only need is to keep them intact and infuse stability in them more with the help of emotions rather than different attractions. How much ever we change or grow high, the need for emotional stability and the requirement of someone’s shoulder to lie upon in loneliness will always be felt if we are still human beings. Let’s grow with emotions, rise with love and benefit with togetherness. Nothing in the world is more soothing than the thought that someone is there who will always stand by you. Neither the money nor the growth goes to the grave, only remains are the feelings we take from others and leave with others. Trends have changed, thoughts have developed, but let the heart be in its place as its displacement is always hurting.