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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To What Extent Can She Fight?

It discusses the views of the extreme feminists which ultimately bring loss on the part of woman as the boundaries set by the almighty can never be crossed. 
From the arrival of feminism to the rising of extreme feminism, we have seen everything being done for women empowerment and spoken in woman's favour but always there comes a limit crossing which she herself remains bound to suffer. The limit is neither set by herself nor by her male counterpart but by the creator himself. She can achieve medals in physical, mental and emotional competitions with men but biologically she remains a weak creature who is forced to submit for something which is inherent. I am a feminist though not an extreme one. I need to add this for sure as there are some extreme feminists who fight against a woman giving birth to a child. There are some universal facts which can't ever be denied and if ever tried to be fought against , the loss will be always on the side of women class. An eye for an eye doesn't fit in a woman's case for which she remains frustrated without any resolutions. A woman can't take revenge from a rapist by raping him as ultimately she would be the loser.

 Much debate occured about the pub culture and women raised their voice against it. But, a question arises, was the ban on woman visiting pubs solely for their suppression? Was there not a single good thought attached to it? Modelling, acting, beauty pageants, India celebrates beauty in every way; so can't it once try to stop their beauties from visiting pubs which can ruin their delicacy? If a man gets heavily drunk, he can even lay on the roadside and spend his night but can we think in the same way for a woman? She may remain alive by the next day but her life would have changed forever. If modesty and chastity doesn't matter for a woman then also the guilt which follows after will run like a shadow after her.
The impact on her life would be formed more by the reaction of the society than her own actions. Most of you would blame the society then give me the name of a single society where a woman is safe to lay down like a man. Whom to blame? Is it the society? No. Is it the man? No. Is it the woman? No. So, can we blame the almighty who made us delicate? It is the responsibilty of every citizen and a nation's law to provide special protection to women and respect the fair class but the responsibity of others also deserves a filtered understanding from our side so that we don't keep trying in vain to make the sun rise from the west though it would never happen.
It's the time for the crime against women not to be tried in courts but in public places so others see and don't ever dare in their imaginations to commit such acts. But, it is also our social responsibilty to make each others aware of our own safety measures. From lower class to the upper strata, from the fair to the black, from the well clad to the semi nude, each category of woman can become the victim because of being a woman so we should try our best to avoid giving chances and take risk on ourselves.