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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stressing Out- Different For Man And Woman

Many ages have passed and will keep on moving with the passage of time, but the mystery of a man-woman relationship still pertains. There are many mysterious qualities on both the sides and this mystery makes the bond more unique. If love is always evident in this, then also the conflicts increasing day by day can  not denied.
The most common cause of conflict is the communication barrier caused due to the degree of communication used by both the parties. A woman loves to talk and express her feelings whereas a man dwells in himself if something disturbs his mind. Not only this, he actually hates the narration and thinks it as a source of irritation. No, I am not saying that the man is wrong; neither can I say that the woman’s part is not correct. Both have got their own behavior to tackle with various situations so, none can be blamed.  If something stresses a woman, she relieves herself by discussing it with her trusted friends as it provides her a sense of love and support. A man believes in finding solutions for which he prefers a separate cave for sometime and stresses out by watching television or reading a newspaper and thus involving himself in the world problems.
We forget that the cause of this fight is the natural behavior of both the sides. If both man and woman understand this, then they can easily come out of their stressful situations without depressing others. A man needs to listen to the woman as she needs to vent out to release her stress and the woman should give some space to the man for some time as he comes back to the normal life after finding the solution.