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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Do You Love Yourself?

Many a times, we are bothered by such petty things in our lives which become a matter of laughter for others. But, still the questions keep on revolving in our minds with out the rarest possibility of being answered. Even though we know the common answers, then also we keep on waiting for some answers which may not be able to convince us but at least satisfy the hunger of our hearts.

Beauty is called the gift of god, then should ugliness be assumed as the curse of god? What is beauty? A great man said that it lied in the eyes of the beholder. True. Yes, absolutely true. A person can be considered beautiful by millions except one soul that is his own self. Is there any way to come out of this situation?

This is a kind of disease which has started overpowering the youngsters of the modern world cutting them off from their own potentials and lowering it to just the thought of ugliness. Consciousness of one’s own body grows to such an extent that a person starts forgetting his/her real identity. He/ she may be ten times better than the other at the intellectual, spiritual and the understanding level but the counting of shortcomings at the physical level by his/her own self kills all the other potentials refraining him from even trying his hands in the field he is capable to be at the top.

Many research works have shown that beauty boosts the confidence and it’s made more popular by the people discouraging their skills for the lack of beauty and others encouraging their worth by the lack of consciousness.

The solution lies in considering oneself the best and coming out of the restraints of the physical level which sometimes becomes really difficult. This is not easy as the whole problem starts from here and ends at the same point. But, let’s start to understand this and try and experiment with the actual facts rather than feeling frustrated with the sympathy of others which discourages us even more. We very well understand how it feels when we innocently ask a person, “how do I look?” and the reply comes with a true and a pinching fact, “God made everyone so, everyone is beautiful.” We acknowledge the fact and also understand the difference in the same answer if it had been asked by a really beautiful person. Here, a really beautiful person is measured on the scale of the physical level.

So, why to discourage and demean ourselves with such silly questions? Let’s rise ourselves at other levels which beauty can’t even touch and people can’t dare to ignore. Our identity lies in our skills and can be polished by our efforts. Let’s create a situation when people become forced to say,” Beauty in vain, skills make a man or a woman.” Time is to encourage our souls and force the beauties to learn from our beautiful souls.

Life is very short, so run fast to keep a pace with your thoughts, set an ambition and achieve the peak and get convinced that you are among the best. Why to die unconvinced and unsatisfied with our own lives? God did injustice, so do justice to you. Don’t leave any stone unturned to establish your own identity. Everyone dies physically with which beauty also vanishes, so achieve the beauty which can’t even be snatched by death and gets appreciated till the world lives.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Made in Heaven, Broken in Courts

The husband-wife relationship is formed on their understanding and also sometimes broken on their misunderstanding.

In spite of the web of terrorism and the cancer

of corruption, there always exists one bond which keeps us together on this earth. And it is the bond of relationship which makes our existence meaningful the most important chain of relationship which every human being shares with the other. But out of all relationships, the bond which always outstands is shared between a man and a woman and is thus called man-woman relationship. From the time immemorial, it holds the primary importance and we relate it to the story of Adam and Eve.

A man-woman relationship can be framed between a daughter and her father or a son and his mother. These man-woman relationships can be categorized as of one blood. But the sweetest of all and on the basis of which this planet exists is shared between a husband and a wife. Two beings out of completely two different worlds come together and make a beautiful world of their own.

However much the world fights over the rights of a husband or a wife but at the end it is they themselves who can bring a resolution to it. The fight can only be stopped by the mutual understanding among themselves. The day a husband keeps himself in the shoes of a wife and considers the miseries and expectations of a woman and a wife does the same for her husband, the fight will automatically come to an end.

It's not the legal rights which matter in a relationship but the respect for each other's positions and thus emotions. No court of the world can break a relationship on its papers till the flow of understanding and respect continues.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stressing Out- Different For Man And Woman

Many ages have passed and will keep on moving with the passage of time, but the mystery of a man-woman relationship still pertains. There are many mysterious qualities on both the sides and this mystery makes the bond more unique. If love is always evident in this, then also the conflicts increasing day by day can  not denied.
The most common cause of conflict is the communication barrier caused due to the degree of communication used by both the parties. A woman loves to talk and express her feelings whereas a man dwells in himself if something disturbs his mind. Not only this, he actually hates the narration and thinks it as a source of irritation. No, I am not saying that the man is wrong; neither can I say that the woman’s part is not correct. Both have got their own behavior to tackle with various situations so, none can be blamed.  If something stresses a woman, she relieves herself by discussing it with her trusted friends as it provides her a sense of love and support. A man believes in finding solutions for which he prefers a separate cave for sometime and stresses out by watching television or reading a newspaper and thus involving himself in the world problems.
We forget that the cause of this fight is the natural behavior of both the sides. If both man and woman understand this, then they can easily come out of their stressful situations without depressing others. A man needs to listen to the woman as she needs to vent out to release her stress and the woman should give some space to the man for some time as he comes back to the normal life after finding the solution.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Her Fault Lies in Being a Woman

Why is always a woman blamed? Why is the respect and culture of a society always associated with women? Where does the responsibility of a man lie? This refers to the recent article published in newspaper in support of Pandher which demanded for the punishment of girls whom he used to bring in order to punish him who committed the heinous crime of not only killing the innocent children but also cutting them into pieces and thereafter throwing it in drains to hide his inhuman deeds. Pandher is also charged with the rape and murder of not one but many girls whom he used to bring to fulfill his voyeur desires. It's really horrible to even think of such people who commit such crimes and more frightening are those who stand in support of them. The same argument was also written in favour of his servant koli who used to rape the dead bodies and also eat them. The article tried to defend the monster in form of human by saying that he should not be punished as he didn't commit the crime intentionally but because of his disorder.

Shame on those who extend hands of support to such people who are in fact not only the killers of innocent people but also the culture, civilization and even the basic ethics of a society. We all take immense interest whenever we hear something related to the story of Fiza and Chand Mohammad and most of us end up with the famous sentence ' Man can go away with this but how shameless was the woman dared to do such an act'. Fiza's life, dignity and respect is tainted forever without denying the fact that Chand is also spotted but Fiza is only forced to suffer and will bear the pointing fingers throughout the life. Chand Mohammad went back to his previous wife and can lead the life normally after the whole episode. Yes, definitely the question arises that Fiza can also folloow the same but if practically applied it never happens in our society. The woman is blotted forever and a man is left for being a man.
Don't dare to take for granted the biological weakness of woman in which God also did the partiality but respect her for her immense emotional strength which holds the mother earth.
If a woman can give birth to a man then she also knows how to take hold of that man and show him the right place. man and woman are the two wheels of our society and it won't be able to run smoothly if any one of the wheels is tried to be crushed in anyway. And always remember the proven truth "Only that society flourishes in which women are respected". A woman shouldn't always be blamed as a man is equally responsible for maintaining the digmity of a society and his indecent acts can affect it badly.