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Friday, March 1, 2013

Changing trends- Changing relations

It focuses on the impact of relations shared among the present day generation due to the changed lifestyle.

The bond of marriage has not remained as strong as it used to be. The strings of the bond scatter very soon as the thought of its permanence are no longer persistent. The rate of divorce may differ in various nations, but the increasing rate is highlighted everywhere. The main cause for the weakened condition of this institution is our changed life style and the obsession with self rather than thinking about anyone else. It leads to other reasons such as lack of time, increasing pressure, career oriented goals and the motive to earn more and more.

As fire can only be extinguished with the help of water in the same way one person is needed to listen to the other when needed. This is the point where we lack. Due to the increasing work pressure, we can’t tolerate even the simple things as the stress and the self factor overpowers us. It’s good that we are financially more stable than we used to be, but if it takes us apart then the negative factor is ruling here. May be we don’t need our spouse for the economic stability, but the emotional hollowness always follows. We can go ahead and marry the other, but the gap continues till we mend ourselves.

The other cause for the fall of this institution is the loss of its need itself. We are no longer living in a world where sex before marriage is considered a taboo and living with a man without legal papers is a crime. Today, the fear of restriction stops us from being a part of marriage as we try to enjoy all the priorities without prioritizing the actual relation. Sometimes, it’s also the result of being suffered once and the case of not taking the chance second time.

It’s not that you continue with a rotten relation just to keep its name, but it’s also not logical to run away from a bond for the fear to be found rotten. With a changed society, the changed meanings of relations have become acceptable, the only need is to keep them intact and infuse stability in them more with the help of emotions rather than different attractions. How much ever we change or grow high, the need for emotional stability and the requirement of someone’s shoulder to lie upon in loneliness will always be felt if we are still human beings. Let’s grow with emotions, rise with love and benefit with togetherness. Nothing in the world is more soothing than the thought that someone is there who will always stand by you. Neither the money nor the growth goes to the grave, only remains are the feelings we take from others and leave with others. Trends have changed, thoughts have developed, but let the heart be in its place as its displacement is always hurting.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Honor Killings- The Murder of Love

It focuses on the increasing number of murders in the name of honor in some parts of India.

Love, the most pure feeling of the universe, is always considered to give happiness in a human being’s life. Not only humans, it is believed to be the central force of this universe because of which the living beings exist. It is a medicine which can drag a person from the verge of death and give him the hope of leading a blissful life. 

It’s so difficult to accept the killings due to love increasing day by day. Yes, it sounds ironic but the reason stands true if we dissect the situations. These murders are named as honor killings as to prevent the honors of the families. An honorable feeling is blamed for honor killings; it is so disgusting in itself. Couples marrying each other for the sake of love are strangled in the name of caste and community. It shows that caste is higher than love and even much higher than the love of the blood relation. Yes, the revenge is taken from one’s own daughter, sister or son. The mother who gives birth to the child strangles her if she dares to choose a man of her choice. Is this protection of honor or the revelation of the animal instincts hidden inside those demons? 

Leaving everything aside, the matter of discussion is the benefit if any of the parties achieve through this. The couple leaves forever, the parents lose their child and the incident only encourages more such occurrences in the society. How we can forget that the things hidden or restricted always create curiosity and violations. The need is to understand the changes in the society and make the young generation understand with love rather than by killing their love partners. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Her Fault Lies in Being a Woman

Why is always a woman blamed? Why is the respect and culture of a society always associated with women? Where does the responsibility of a man lie? This refers to the recent article published in newspaper in support of Pandher which demanded for the punishment of girls whom he used to bring in order to punish him who committed the heinous crime of not only killing the innocent children but also cutting them into pieces and thereafter throwing it in drains to hide his inhuman deeds. Pandher is also charged with the rape and murder of not one but many girls whom he used to bring to fulfill his voyeur desires. It's really horrible to even think of such people who commit such crimes and more frightening are those who stand in support of them. The same argument was also written in favour of his servant koli who used to rape the dead bodies and also eat them. The article tried to defend the monster in form of human by saying that he should not be punished as he didn't commit the crime intentionally but because of his disorder.

Shame on those who extend hands of support to such people who are in fact not only the killers of innocent people but also the culture, civilization and even the basic ethics of a society. We all take immense interest whenever we hear something related to the story of Fiza and Chand Mohammad and most of us end up with the famous sentence ' Man can go away with this but how shameless was the woman dared to do such an act'. Fiza's life, dignity and respect is tainted forever without denying the fact that Chand is also spotted but Fiza is only forced to suffer and will bear the pointing fingers throughout the life. Chand Mohammad went back to his previous wife and can lead the life normally after the whole episode. Yes, definitely the question arises that Fiza can also folloow the same but if practically applied it never happens in our society. The woman is blotted forever and a man is left for being a man.
Don't dare to take for granted the biological weakness of woman in which God also did the partiality but respect her for her immense emotional strength which holds the mother earth.
If a woman can give birth to a man then she also knows how to take hold of that man and show him the right place. man and woman are the two wheels of our society and it won't be able to run smoothly if any one of the wheels is tried to be crushed in anyway. And always remember the proven truth "Only that society flourishes in which women are respected". A woman shouldn't always be blamed as a man is equally responsible for maintaining the digmity of a society and his indecent acts can affect it badly.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love And Sex, Are These Related?

Are you sexually exploited on a daily basis? You can’t deny as he has the right to sex according to the marital bond and even if you have the right to deny, how much are you able to actually use that? It’s such an irony that sexual fulfillment from both the sides does not assure of a happy married life. Heard by many and also experienced by some, most people believe in this and get confused when the circumstances faced are entirely different. So, is it right to say that a happy sex life signifies a happy married life?  A woman bows down in front of the urges of the man as he can promise for anything to get his desire fulfilled but the behavior in the later part of the day forces her to hate herself and tries to find the reason for her permission everyday.

 A woman is emotionally weaker and tries to find the love in  the physical relation with her man; however, she fails to distinguish the act of mere satisfaction from that of real love. Yes, it is very hard to know the difference but if pondered over a little, it is an easy task. Does he always show the same doting behavior or he displays a drastic change in his behavior in general? After getting the answer, and if is a big yes then we are left with nothing but a bitter feeling of helplessness. This is not a case of being educated or not, but a need to strengthen our emotional stature which becomes the weakness of a woman. The depiction of false love for the fulfillment of one’s desires is also a kind of exploitation. It not only exploits us but the realization of the truth also tortures us. It’s better to understand the truth of your love today rather than going under the knife everyday.