Sunday, February 17, 2013

Honor Killings- The Murder of Love

It focuses on the increasing number of murders in the name of honor in some parts of India.

Love, the most pure feeling of the universe, is always considered to give happiness in a human being’s life. Not only humans, it is believed to be the central force of this universe because of which the living beings exist. It is a medicine which can drag a person from the verge of death and give him the hope of leading a blissful life. 

It’s so difficult to accept the killings due to love increasing day by day. Yes, it sounds ironic but the reason stands true if we dissect the situations. These murders are named as honor killings as to prevent the honors of the families. An honorable feeling is blamed for honor killings; it is so disgusting in itself. Couples marrying each other for the sake of love are strangled in the name of caste and community. It shows that caste is higher than love and even much higher than the love of the blood relation. Yes, the revenge is taken from one’s own daughter, sister or son. The mother who gives birth to the child strangles her if she dares to choose a man of her choice. Is this protection of honor or the revelation of the animal instincts hidden inside those demons? 

Leaving everything aside, the matter of discussion is the benefit if any of the parties achieve through this. The couple leaves forever, the parents lose their child and the incident only encourages more such occurrences in the society. How we can forget that the things hidden or restricted always create curiosity and violations. The need is to understand the changes in the society and make the young generation understand with love rather than by killing their love partners. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Are You Ready to Marry?

Some of the questions which should be taken into consideration by both man and woman before saying yes for marriage.

These are some of the questions which should be asked from one’s own self before agreeing for marriage.


1. The first question should be whether you are compatible with your partner or not. You should check if you and your partner share the same interests, values and outlook towards life. And the most important question should be whether you like your partner as a person and not just as a passing romantic interest.

2. You should make sure that you are ready to commit to your partner and to the marriage. You should also be emotionally stable and mature enough for a commitment that comes with no guarantees. 

3. Check yourself if you are ready to take the responsibility of another person. And also make sure that you are ready and able to start a family and take care of it.

4. Ask yourself if you are financially secure and stable with long terms plans

5. Last but not the least , you should be very clear in your mind about the social and family set up of your partner

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Significance of Small Business Management Consulting

With the increased competition in the business world whether small or big and every business owner craving for establishing the best and the most profitable business, it is always a wise decision to opt for small business management consulting. It may be considered by many people as an added cost to one’s investments however, in reality, if used properly, it proves to be a great asset. 

It has been seen that mostly small businesses ignore the significance of business management consulting. They should understand that big businesses have reached that stage as they have got better consultation and thus greater returns for their investment. 

The changes suggested by small business management consulting in fact helps in making more money or in investing both valuable time as well as money at more profitable places. 

Only a surface level analysis is enough for a consultant to point out the reasons for your dwindling or weak market position. So, he helps in analyzing your business as per the market place and puts it in a better competitive position. 

Better positioning of your business makes it more profitable as well as marketable. With small business management consulting, you get a wonderful option to earn more profit by increasing the production and reducing costs. 

The proper management and guidance of the consultants can help you in fulfilling the primary goals for your business. With a clear purpose and goal, the small business gets a better chance of growth as well as maintenance. 

The fact can’t be denied that the help of a third party proves to be a bane for increasing the benefits earned from a business to a great extent. Small businesses manly focus on limiting their expenses for which they generally avoid taking help of small business management consulting. However, they should understand the crux that helps from management consultants can play a pivotal role in keeping them afloat in the market place. 

Small business owners are often misguided as they think that a management consulting is not of any use for them as they are themselves enough to understand their business. However, they must consider the fact that the major cause of the failure of a small business is the absence of proper knowledge and understanding about the business operation. 

The fact can’t be denies that the small business is set up by you alone, but you also need to understand that there are always some areas for which expert advice is mandatory. Failure in small businesses can be averted to a large extent by taking the help of small business management consulting. A proper consultation helps in analyzing a situation in a far better way and thus prevents the failure of the business. 

The major cause for the failure of the small business is lack of return of investment. Inadequate availability of finances completely badly affects the small business operations and makes them failure. So, in order to manage the operation stages in a better manner and make the small business a success, it is necessary to opt for small business management consulting which can prove to be a miracle for a staggering small business.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Burger Menace in America

Can anyone believe this? The eating habits of America contribute more to global warming than the entire transportation sector. It seems very surprising though it's very true. 
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization have stated that 18 percent of greenhouse gases are coming from animal agriculture market and dairy used in making burgers. 

The human condition is in great peril and this is considered to be the most critical situation for America when it is requested to move away from the standard American diet and embrace an earth friendly, plant based diet. Not only this, if people adopt vegan burgers in their diet instead of non-vegan, it would also help in curtailing further deforestation, top soil erosion and even the ever- worsening tainting of the world's waters. Also, high cholesterol and heart diseases, hypertension, obesity, adult onset diabetes, kidney diseases and many cancers would virtually disappear. But, the great news is that people don't have to give up eating burgers, they just have to make them from plant based ingredients. Veggie burgers have the taste, smell and texture of the traditional burger, but without the harmful ramifications. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beauty Contests...where is the Beauty?

It satirises the beauty contests for which the world spends a huge amount every year.

What is beauty? It's true that the first impression of a person on our mind decides whether she is the owner of beauty or not. And the impression is most of the times framed on the physical appearance before we even talk to the concerned person. But, is it justified to search for beauty with the tool which can't judge the heart of the person? If we take the broader perspective then each and every woman is beautiful who is wrapped with innocence and glows with emotions. And to bring an end to all the arguments related to beauty, there's a famous saying” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

I am not against the base of physicality as it only forms the foundation of spirituality. But, when the women wearing the titles of Miss Universe, Miss. World takeover the definition of beauty, then it really hurts. There is one round of foot wears and swimsuits included in beauty contests. Tell me someone, how does that express the beauty of a woman in anyway? And even if I accept it for the convenience of the jury to let them choose the most beautiful woman easily, can such parameters justifies them for the crown of miss. Universe or world? Though they are tested on their communication skills and personalities but that doesn't clarify their selection.

A woman groomed for one year and having specialists for every single thing her mind can imagine will certainly have the beat assets. I want the jury and the whole world to think a little deeply about these contests. Every year the world and the nations spend thousands on such pageants but that doesn't help those suffering beauties who face all the miseries in their lives. Have the winners of the beauty contests ever thought about them?

Have they ever spent a single penny which they win through those beauty contests and on the basis of which they join film industries later? they would have been real beauties if they had ever thought about the thousands of innocent and really beautiful women suffering lonely in the world and would have ever spent even a single penny for them or for the sake of humanity.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pill of Progress

Life is the name of continuous struggle. Everyone who gets the gift of human life from the Almighty thirsts to achieve one or the other thing. Before hitting the target a goal is set. But, something lies between these two and that is the arrow with which you hit the target. The quality of the arrow used decides the longevity of the happiness achieved by a person's success. And the primary reason responsible for the diminishing shine of the sword used by the people to cut the trees of obstacles in their lives is none other than the devil of over-ambition which makes space in our mind and if swayed by its affect leads us into a disastrous situation.

It can't be denied by anyone if we blame these elements as murderers of the three budding personalities who met the cold death before even making their stable houses in the city of success. Naina Sahni, who could have enjoyed the beauty of her life peacefully; Shivani Bhatnagar, who could have established herself as a renowned journalist and Madhumita Shukla, who could have become a famous poetess but to our dismay, none of them are alive. All died and the death also didn't embrace them willingly as they were forcefully and brutally murdered. The murderers were their own to whom being known they pretended to be unknown. Yes, the paths chosen by them were wrong. Lack of patience and the race of success in which they participated to satisfy their goals led them to the cold cave of death instead of the warm welcome of success. Path, Patience and Progress stand together and if ever tried to neglect any of the three then the success received is not permanent but only short termed without the chief element of happiness which adds glory to it. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

In What Ways Are The Histories of Photography And Anthropology Parallel?

Media studies scholars have made immense and effective use of ethnographic methods and ideas about rituals and myths given by anthropologists. Media anthropology is an active as well as exciting research area in which there is much scope of research.

In the past few years anthropology has established an intimate engagement with photography which is regarded for the collection of evidence.

Till the last few decades, use of media technology in anthropology was not trusted in non- western countries which are generally called native societies. For them, the presence of mass media was a threat to the native cultures as they believed that the invasion of mass media into native life would lead to the desertion of these cultures. The people of these societies never liked media’s interference in the ethnographic accounts and films that they produced. Undoubtedly, such practices not only showed but also produced social and racial differences. It also showed the wide gap in thought process of people living in the same genre who could be distinguished as modern and primitive men.

These kinds of practices have indefinitely led to the formation of Western ideas about non- Western societies. The huge difference in the discretion of the two societies became more highlighted in colonial and post-colonial times. The fact can’t be denied that if such practices have given the name of ‘primitive men’ to non- Western societies, the declination of such absurd thought by Western societies has given them the tag of ‘modern’ men.

Keeping these differences in view, anthropology has done a reinvestigation on its assumptions about the non-Western societies. For this self-examination, some anthropologists have even documented the uses of media in non-Western communities as the old assumptions and claims about the impact of media on anthropology had been questioned and also rejected to a large extent.

In his famous book Photography and Anthropology, Christopher Pinney presents striking parallelism between anthropology and photography. Not only this, he has also given an overview of the use of the use of photography by anthropologists from the 1840s to the present. In his book, Pinney has presented photography as a tool used by anthropologists to capture the “primitive” lives of their subject matter. He also makes an in-depth analysis of the inter-related histories of photography and anthropology and their development in relation to the world history.

Commenting on the relation between anthropology and photography, Walter Benjamin says that photography, “make[s] the difference between technology and magic visible as a thoroughly historical variable.”

Pinney’s remarkable book focuses on the changing phases in the field of anthropology and clarifies the fact that photography was first viewed as an objective recording of ethnographic evidence by researchers in the 19th century.

In the present globalized world, an image always enjoys a privileged state. The principal aim of visual anthropology is not only concerned with what people see, but also how they see and most importantly what they want others to see in a specific manner. Visual anthropology is a fast developing branch of anthropology which mainly concerned with understanding ethnographic research, media analysis, material culture and critical study of the arts and other forms of cultural display and representation.

In his article, Anthropology and the Cinematic Imagination, David MacDougall relates the beginnings of the cinematic imagination to the use of stereograph. Thereafter, he points towards enthusiastic approach of the 19th century anthropologists for the new media of photography and motion pictures. However, the ‘dark age’ of visual anthropology in the first half of the 20th century pinpointed by the MacDougall shows the declining relations between the two fields.

During the dark age of visual anthropology, anthropologists hesitated in publishing photographs in their monographs. In this age, ethnographic filmmaking was looked down and viewed as that part of anthropology which was meant to be used by amateurs, adventurers, missionaries, journalists and travel lecturers rather than anthropologists. Commenting on this phase of the relation shared between photography and anthropology, MacDougall says that photographic media “were considered vulgar and exuded aura of the musical hall.”

Explaining about the logocentric practices of anthropologists and their methodologies, he describes about the changes occurring in anthropological knowledge itself. He says that it was, “shifting away from the visible worlds of human beings and their material possessions towards the invisible world of abstract relations such as kinship, political organization and social values”. He further added, “if observation was so important, you would think that filming people in their daily interactions would have become increasingly useful.

Yet, it was just at this time, when filming people became possible, that anthropologists began to drift away from it. The human body, which had excited so much interest in the 19th century, when it was constantly being measured and photographed, had ceased to be a site of meaning.”

The strongest ray of hope emerged after the second world war in the 1930s with the Balinese project undertaken by Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead and and later on in collaboration with Jean Rouch. All these researchers made use of light-weight as a kind of personal writing instrument.

The most remarkable achievement of these researchers was the reinvention of the ethnographic film which helped in enlivening the interest in the potential of visual anthropology. 

MacDougall says, “Beginning in the 1950s they began to demonstrate that cinema had more to offer anthropology than a technology of note-taking or a means of popularization. Their films tried to enter into the thoughts and feelings of their subjects and the physical spaces in which they lived.”

MacDougall’s argument focuses on the changes brought in photographic media by popular entertainment due to which anthropologists avoided the use of photographic media at the beginning of the century.

So, in order to make wide application of visual media or photography in anthropological investigations, the need is to focus on how to transmit the ethnographic knowledge pictorially and improve the modes of representation and not only on reproducing the archetype of the documentary film.

Though the application and significance of the visual anthropology has improved a lot from the level it had at the beginning of the 20th century, but still there is a wide scope of this field which can help in gaining from the visual field of experience and revived visual modes of representation. Undoubtedly, this will also strengthen the relations between the two disciplines, anthropology and photography.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Stay Young, Fit and Happy Spiritually and Scientifically

It discusses the positive results of keeping fasts proved by scientists in a recent study.

In many religions, people keep fast on eve of various festivals or in order to give respect to their deities. This word has always been related to religious sentiments. In simple terms, it can be seen as a day on which a person refrains from taking anything made from food grains. If you believe in it, call it a fast and if you don’t then call it a spiritual trend which has already been proved very useful according to the recent study of the scientists.

It has been found as a tool to keep oneself fit and healthy and also enabling one’s capacity to live longer with great ability to fight against diseases. Not only this, it also reduces the wrinkles on the skin making the person live a long young life. This also helps a lot in reducing the accumulation of fat which leads to various diseases as we grow old.
And this is very logical as well. What do we do to give rest to our body? Yes, and if we don’t do that then our health faces the consequences. In the similar way, the system of our body also needs some rest from the daily process.
And, let me be very specific. In order to achieve all the positive results of fast which people usually say doesn’t tell us to be empty bellied through out the day. It requires us to take mostly liquid substances or fruits which provide a little rest to the grinding mechanism of the body. Apart from all this, the remembrance of our deities and the chanting of prayers give a special effect to our mind which increases the concentration and takes us far from the hustle bustle of the modern world into a much calmer world with a soothing effect. We can’t relate fasting to the common used dieting process which squeezes out the glow rather than enhancing the beauty.

So, instead of drying the system of our body in the name of dieting, it’s better to follow a one meal diet light diet without grains for one day of the week with some extra good work and a little time for the almighty which can bring a drastic change in our complete personality including our thought process.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where Lies the Hope?

Hope of any and every nation is visible through the deeds of its youth. The same applies to our motherland. Can we even count their numbers in the present elections?  If newspapers and news
channels to be believed, then none of them except those fighting for their own benefits. Every other individual is seen cribbing about the present political arena. Has anyone ever tried involvement in the politics for a positive note rather than gaining popularity and earning money? Politics is seen as a nasty field which noble people don’t join. Which school and which family teaches its children to become great politicians? None.

We all study about the type of government which India has and the parties reigning, did we ever think of making a young generation’s individual party with the goals which India actually craves for? It is an illogical question as there are so many parties prevailing as youth congress and youth BJP. But do they have their own goals? No, as they are guided by their parent parties and thus drawing from them the same ideals and thoughts. Why can’t all the educated and patriotic people unite among themselves to make their individual party which has its own ambitions? Every other day a new party emerges in India so the formation of one more party can’t affect the scenario but a party with honest ideals can really make the difference.

Think about the strength of these parties who take the help of every other film star to befool the people already marred by their charms. Parties adopting the song “Jai Ho” and some others molding it to “Bhay Ho”. Is it a game or an election? Are they showing their own feelings or playing with our feelings and especially those who get affected by such tantrums?

Every one especially the noble and educated class is afraid of the political field and its people. We select them but remain frightened to deal with them. Why can’t we have a parliament like America having deserving people and their backgrounds known to all? Why do we have only counted leaders with respectable qualification and noble backgrounds?

We are scared because we are not together though united in our thoughts. It’s the need of the day for all the teachers, doctors, engineers, writers and every other person who actually gets hurt when sees his motherland crying to join hands and make a completely new India with a party for all. Even if we use our right “Not to Vote” or vote to the most eligible candidate then also our vote will go to a party which has ninety nine percent undeserving candidates to rule over the largest democracy of the nation.

The day will not remain far when every citizen of India will be aware of each and every leader ruling over them if we also adopt a two-party system and sweep out the dirt which comes out with a new party when throw out by the parent parties.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To What Extent Can She Fight?

It discusses the views of the extreme feminists which ultimately bring loss on the part of woman as the boundaries set by the almighty can never be crossed. 
From the arrival of feminism to the rising of extreme feminism, we have seen everything being done for women empowerment and spoken in woman's favour but always there comes a limit crossing which she herself remains bound to suffer. The limit is neither set by herself nor by her male counterpart but by the creator himself. She can achieve medals in physical, mental and emotional competitions with men but biologically she remains a weak creature who is forced to submit for something which is inherent. I am a feminist though not an extreme one. I need to add this for sure as there are some extreme feminists who fight against a woman giving birth to a child. There are some universal facts which can't ever be denied and if ever tried to be fought against , the loss will be always on the side of women class. An eye for an eye doesn't fit in a woman's case for which she remains frustrated without any resolutions. A woman can't take revenge from a rapist by raping him as ultimately she would be the loser.

 Much debate occured about the pub culture and women raised their voice against it. But, a question arises, was the ban on woman visiting pubs solely for their suppression? Was there not a single good thought attached to it? Modelling, acting, beauty pageants, India celebrates beauty in every way; so can't it once try to stop their beauties from visiting pubs which can ruin their delicacy? If a man gets heavily drunk, he can even lay on the roadside and spend his night but can we think in the same way for a woman? She may remain alive by the next day but her life would have changed forever. If modesty and chastity doesn't matter for a woman then also the guilt which follows after will run like a shadow after her.
The impact on her life would be formed more by the reaction of the society than her own actions. Most of you would blame the society then give me the name of a single society where a woman is safe to lay down like a man. Whom to blame? Is it the society? No. Is it the man? No. Is it the woman? No. So, can we blame the almighty who made us delicate? It is the responsibilty of every citizen and a nation's law to provide special protection to women and respect the fair class but the responsibity of others also deserves a filtered understanding from our side so that we don't keep trying in vain to make the sun rise from the west though it would never happen.
It's the time for the crime against women not to be tried in courts but in public places so others see and don't ever dare in their imaginations to commit such acts. But, it is also our social responsibilty to make each others aware of our own safety measures. From lower class to the upper strata, from the fair to the black, from the well clad to the semi nude, each category of woman can become the victim because of being a woman so we should try our best to avoid giving chances and take risk on ourselves.

Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Make a Catchy Cover Letter?

It gives tips how to make a catchy cover letter of a resume.

A cover letter forms the most significant part of a resume for attracting recruiters towards one’s resume. So, to prove a human touch to the mechanical resume, it’s always recommended to accompany the resume with a cover letter which is also referred as application letter.

Good Cover Letter Eases the Selection Process

The main purpose of the cover letter is to make the recipient know without going through the resume what you are sending as well as why you are sending it. It eases the process of selection for the recruiter and resume sender both. A good cover letter reflects the skills and personality traits of an individual showcasing on his efficiency for a specific job.
A cover letter can be either in print or in electronic form. However, to give a professional touch, it should be kept straight forward, factual and precise.

Type of Job Cover letters  

There are two types of job application letters called as solicited and unsolicited. The solicited cover letter is written in response to a job opening that has been advertised or announced and the unsolicited cover letter is written on one’s own to an organization that has not announced any job opening.
Basically, the cover letter for a job application can be divided in three parts: the opening, the middle and the closing.

Impressive Opening

The opening aims at capturing the reader’s attention and interest. One can always make the cover letter distinct by composing a wonderful opening. An excellent opening shows or reflects an understanding of the operations and activities being undertaken. One can also use summary openings in which the cover letter begins with the summary of a few outstanding applications related to the job one is seeking.
All efforts should be made to make the opening impressive and thus focus should open on the ‘you’ attitude which focuses on the details to be written and presented according to the demands and perspectives of the readers.

Middle Part should have Strongest Selling Points

The middle is the crux of the whole letter and presents one’s strongest selling points which include academic qualifications, achievements, work experience, interests and some special potential. Proper care should be taken to present all the details in a logical arrangement by employing a concise and catchy language. As all the facts are already stated in the resume, it should not be mentioned again but, only an explanation or interpretation supported by facts and evidences should be provided.
In case of a solicited letter, one should make a special effort to include and organize the information required for the particular job. Further the salary requirements can be mentioned but, only if one has been asked to.
The middle section of the cover letter should be elaborate, with an attempt to refer to almost everything important but, not at the cost of repetitions.

Last Part should Entail Motivation

The last section of the cover letter is called the closing which aims at entailing motivation. This part motivates or demands the reader to take some action. The action generally requested is an interview call. However, instead of commanding, one should sound natural and persuasive.
These are a few tips and tricks by which one can gain the attention of the employers towards one’s cover letter and become successful in getting a job.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What's the Religion of Terrorists?

It discusses the benefits taken by the unsocial elements because of the divided feelings between Hindus and Muslims which encourages the acts of terrorism. 
It seems that India  is flaunting its spirit of secularism in a telling manner by spreading the scourge of terrorism rather than by uniting its citizens. First, it was the Muslims who were identified for it; they were criticised by the Hindus; now Hindus have been identified for it and it has become the talk of the town. So, leaving the controversies behind, an outcome emerges crystal clear - culprits obtain in both the religions whose primary aim is to terrorise the Indians. Hindus blame the Muslims and Muslims blame the Hindus but the ultimate sufferer always is the home of both the communities, viz, India. What do you call this? Should it be called secularism of religion or the secularism of division, if it can be so called?

Ever since the Jaipur blasts, newspapers started highlighting the names of culprits who were involved in the crime; never did I see a person showing his disappointment over the deteriorating mindset of the Indians, though. The controversies always remained confined to a particular religion. A few days back, a finger was pointed at the tenets of Islam and even the newspapers published debates on the mindset of Muslims. Now everyone’s attention is riveted on the teachings of Hinduism. How dare we call such culprits humans? Yes, they are not humans who dare to snatch the most precious gift of the almighty to us, viz, our life.
Why don’t we join hands against terrorism instead of joining hands against Islam or Hinduism? Yes, those people don’t belong to any religion and the only thing they believe in or worship is terrorism. Why do we blame each other? We find black sheep in every community so it is better that the spot is got rid of; it should not be allowed to pervade the entire community.
Whether one is a Hindu or a Muslim, the crime shouldn’t be associated with the religion the culprit belongs to since both don’t deserve to be included in any religion. The culprits only follow the religion of division and their aim is to terrorise and divide us Indians.
The need of the hour is to unite the Indians and not just any particular religion, against the web of terrorism. Our mother is the same; then how can we be different? We till the same soil and seek the same enlightenment but why should we differ when it comes to preserving and protecting the integrity of the nation? We are one community. Different are those who try to divide us and kill us. Rather than pointing fingers at each other, let’s outcast those who defame our existence. The spot of terrorism can’t be eliminated until we come together on a common platform and prove that before being Muslims or Hindus, we belong to the supreme community of Indians. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Made in Heaven, Broken in Courts

The husband-wife relationship is formed on their understanding and also sometimes broken on their misunderstanding.

In spite of the web of terrorism and the cancer

of corruption, there always exists one bond which keeps us together on this earth. And it is the bond of relationship which makes our existence meaningful the most important chain of relationship which every human being shares with the other. But out of all relationships, the bond which always outstands is shared between a man and a woman and is thus called man-woman relationship. From the time immemorial, it holds the primary importance and we relate it to the story of Adam and Eve.

A man-woman relationship can be framed between a daughter and her father or a son and his mother. These man-woman relationships can be categorized as of one blood. But the sweetest of all and on the basis of which this planet exists is shared between a husband and a wife. Two beings out of completely two different worlds come together and make a beautiful world of their own.

However much the world fights over the rights of a husband or a wife but at the end it is they themselves who can bring a resolution to it. The fight can only be stopped by the mutual understanding among themselves. The day a husband keeps himself in the shoes of a wife and considers the miseries and expectations of a woman and a wife does the same for her husband, the fight will automatically come to an end.

It's not the legal rights which matter in a relationship but the respect for each other's positions and thus emotions. No court of the world can break a relationship on its papers till the flow of understanding and respect continues.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to Deepen our Relationships

It deals with the affect a relationship has on a human mind and the way it engropes the whole world in it.

If we go deep and dive into this world created by the almighty, then we would find the same depth in the relation shared among all the creatures. Yes, all the living beings are related to each other, but we remain unable to bring them in the same ship. and this closeness which remains void till now is called the relationship. If a wife talks about her husband or a father talks about his daughter, it’s the bond of relationship which expresses the attachment through their words. it’s the only ship for which we can sacrifice even our own happiness. But the fact lies down, the happiness of our relatives provides us the bliss which is incomparable. Once we come out of the closet of family relationships, we would find that whole world is like our own family. And if every human could ever imagine the shower of joy one receives if people start treating each other in the similar manner. And the day won’t be far when people will find heavenly bliss on this earth.
And this is the factor which can make the goal of globalization very simpler for us. It starts from one’s own neighbors and goes up to the level of the whole world. once we start feeling for our neighbors the whole society indulges in that. And in the same way once we begin considering all the individuals of our nation as our own blood the whole world takes the form of a village where everyone cares for each other.

The dream of complete globalisation solely depends on the relationships which we share with others. And at last, it proves that as deep the relation goes , deeper the intensity becomes and comes out of that the dream of true relationship which can be proved by the achievement of complete globalisation.So let’s bring the whole world together on a single platform, understand 

each other closely and then celebrate the bliss of relationship.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nude is Modern, Would you Like to be One?

In general, what does a sports person require to win? Yes, the strength and the perfection in his or her field. But, now a days winning has not only remained limited to a gold medal for most of the sports personalities. Most of the prominent personalities have even posed nude for the front covers of the popular magazines. The craze for popularity has lead many to shed off their clothes. If we think specifically about the requirement of sports, it may include stylish sportswear for the satisfaction of the fashionable world but becoming nude doesn't earn respect for anyone. Is winning a gold medal not enough for popularity?
Slowly and gradually, the sports have also taken the path of television actors and actresses. And now sports are also connected to sex appeal. It has now days been seen as an easy source to accumulate wealth. But, what will be its consequences on the general population? If models start behaving like this then what will the crowd follow. TV actors are for entertainment but sports are related to our national sentiment. Till now, we had been blaming the idiot box for spreading immorality and now the sports also seem to join its hands.
I know, many friends reading this article may think in the opposite direction as for them, these things can be enjoyed for the time being and left there only, but the day will not remain far when the same things would accumulate and make our own thoughts alike. And the real problem lies in their stardom who can proceed with that lifestyle, but we being general people suffer frustration and dissatisfaction making our lives hell while trying to follow the same route.Every other day an animal activist poses nude revealing her love for animals. What does it show? I ask them, does love for animals ask us to become animals ourselves? For what is this advancement if we still want to run nude like the stone age man. Our ancestors didn't have clothes to wear but what about the modern age man. What does he lack? Will it be wrong in any way if I answer this question in one word as morality?
Being modern and thus frank and open with everything is acceptable, but selling the moral values and privacy in the open market as well as in the open field should never be accepted at least from the people who represent us. In the modern world, nudity is present everywhere so, it seems nowhere. But, now is the need to open our eyes and raise our voice against such moral activities. A person has the right to flaunt his or her beauty till the time it doesn't shame others and defame the whole human community.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Being Human, Be Human

Karma: what we sow, we reap.

Do you believe in karma, the deed? In short, we say, what we sow, that we reap. And that's how the philosophy of karma follows. Not one, but we have many mythological references. Some believe in the theory of completing the cycle of root and fruit in a single life. Root refers to the way of the life we pertain to and fruit is the happiness or the bitterness which we achieve for that before our death. But, there are some other philosophies which say that the deeds performed by a person and the life lived by him comes from the past and follows his future generations. In short, if anyone performs something good or bad, the consequences of his deeds are transferred to his future generations as well. This is revealed in one of the most famous Greek play named”Agamemnon”.

Here, the question is not whether the karmas are transferred or not but the karmas which we perform.
Related to this, there is one more philosophic controversy. Some believe that human get the human form once based on his deeds and others say it's a cycle which keeps on revolving. And some also believe in the complete cycle of seven births.

Leaving aside the philosophic views, let's focus on karmas or deeds which we all perform. Even if one doesn't believe in it, then also it should be the duty of each and every person to give his or her best. Coming out of the philosophical world, there is also a moral world which should be taken in to consideration. Going to the utmost if a person doesn't even believe in god, he should at least be able to justify his human form.
Every one wants to be at the top. Most of us want to be wealthy and others want to have enough to be happy. Any of the two you prefer, but never leave your morality. Be sensible and human enough not to murder others for attaining your goals, leave the nation hungry for becoming the wealthiest, rape a woman to defame the whole class or kill children in the name of religion.
Whether we get one life or many, our purpose should be to make this earth more beautiful. Whether the results of our deeds be transferred or not, our aim should be to give others the same happiness for which we crave ourselves. Let's fulfill the purpose of god for which he has sent us on this earth. Read Geeta, Quran, Bible or Guru Granth Sahib, each religion teaches us to respect human and be honest and true to others as well as ourselves.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Love the life: Where are we going?

Love the life: Where are we going?: Being a part of this modernized world, where are we leading to? Has this word got only limited to our clothes and show off? Our brains are...

Where are we going?

Being a part of this modernized world, where are we leading to? Has this word got only limited to our clothes and show off? Our brains are continuously getting washed off the true meaning of life given by our ancestors. Modernization lies in our mind, our thinking and the way in which we take things. It's the breaking of rigid and meaningless customs and leading towards a smooth life. It's to see the world with a new spectacle and awakening our eternal self and to achieve progress and success through the positive change in our thoughts and formulae adopted for works.

Modernization, modernization everywhere, but true followers nowhere. If people had known the true meaning of modernization, the crime graph against women wouldn't have gone so high. The polluted and violent minds of the opposite sex are caused mainly by the false singers of modernity. It's true to say “nudity present everywhere, so seems nowhere.” But, it can be proved wrong if people try to understand the meaning of modernization in the real sense for which not the physical effort but a lot of mental effort is required. It's not impossible to control the spread of this disease as germs have only affected a part of the body which forgot its purpose of existence in the merry-go-round of luxury. There's still a vast part which can be avoided from the affect of this slow poison which can show drastic result at the end of the story when all comes at an end.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Write a Dissertation

A dissertation is an organized piece of writing which helps in developing a clear thought as an answer in response to a central question or proposition. It is a detailed examination of the subject matter which provides evidence of your ability to successfully do an independent study or research.

  Procedures for writing a dissertation 

The most important task before writing a dissertation is to make one crystal clear about the investigative procedures and rules required for writing a properly structured dissertation. The methodological experiments used in one’s subject and the usage of appropriate software according to one’s subject matter also play a significant role in carrying out a dissertation. The first and the foremost step of a dissertation is its introduction which gives a brief description of the topic and the reason for which it is taken. Then, in support of the topic, all the data sources should be presented and it should be properly explained how those data support the findings of your topic. The most difficult aspect of writing a dissertation consists of organizing the evidence and associated discussions into a coherent form. The ‘how’ part of a dissertation gains momentum after this and it mainly focuses on the reason for which the topic is being researched upon.  

Elaborate the research design used for the research work

The writer of a dissertation should also elaborate clearly about the research design used for carrying out the research work done in the topic. After that, the expected outcome of the research is highlighted in the topic which is also called the conclusion of the dissertation. Timescales, resources and limitations, if any, are also very significant and should never be missed in a research work as it not only helps in making a dissertation structured but also helps other writers in using the prepared dissertation as a reference work. For writing the body of a dissertation work and focusing on the main topic of research, the prominent writers in the respective field and their arguments should always be mentioned as it gives weight to your thought. It is always suggested to avoid surface level’ description and regurgitation of facts, ideas, and theories from the literature as it changes the work of dissertation into a mere theory. As far as possible, big quotes from authors’ work should be avoided as it may sometime become confusion rather than clarifying the meaning. Instead of this, experts recommend to paraphrase statements given in an author’s work if it’s too long.
A crystal clear research topic 

As a dissertation mainly comprises of research work and its finding so, the research questions, issues or themes to be addressed or investigated should be clearly mentioned without any ambiguity. The research questions should be clear to the researcher as well as to those who read it. It should be taken care that the research questions are not vague but researchable. Not only this, it should also be capable of development into a research design as it helps in the collection of the relevant data. For a crystal clear research work, vagueness or abstraction should have no place in it and the work should be connected with established theory and research .  

Dissertation should be original and substantial 

So, a dissertation should be both original and substantial. As critical thinking forms the essence of a dissertation, analysis and concepts form the heart of the work. A dissertation focuses on principles and concentrates on the lessons learned rather than mere facts behind them. Logical and defensible statements As dissertation adheres to originality, every statement in a dissertation must be supported by a reference or published scientific literature or by original work. A dissertation should abide by the rules of formal grammar and no contractions, colloquialisms, slurs, undefined technical jargon, hidden jokes, and slangs should be used. The words used for writing a dissertation must convey the exact and intended meanings. Each statement in a dissertation must be correct and defensible in a logical and scientific sense. Moreover, the discussions in a dissertation must satisfy the most stringent rules of logic applied to mathematics and science. Accurate referencing Always make sure that you give correct and applicable references in your study paper. It adds a lot in making the paper more effective.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stressing Out- Different For Man And Woman

Many ages have passed and will keep on moving with the passage of time, but the mystery of a man-woman relationship still pertains. There are many mysterious qualities on both the sides and this mystery makes the bond more unique. If love is always evident in this, then also the conflicts increasing day by day can  not denied.
The most common cause of conflict is the communication barrier caused due to the degree of communication used by both the parties. A woman loves to talk and express her feelings whereas a man dwells in himself if something disturbs his mind. Not only this, he actually hates the narration and thinks it as a source of irritation. No, I am not saying that the man is wrong; neither can I say that the woman’s part is not correct. Both have got their own behavior to tackle with various situations so, none can be blamed.  If something stresses a woman, she relieves herself by discussing it with her trusted friends as it provides her a sense of love and support. A man believes in finding solutions for which he prefers a separate cave for sometime and stresses out by watching television or reading a newspaper and thus involving himself in the world problems.
We forget that the cause of this fight is the natural behavior of both the sides. If both man and woman understand this, then they can easily come out of their stressful situations without depressing others. A man needs to listen to the woman as she needs to vent out to release her stress and the woman should give some space to the man for some time as he comes back to the normal life after finding the solution.